Personalised Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania otherwise, Authentic Game Drives, Eco Safaris close to nature and man

"Thanks again for the way we designed and prepared this trip together, with an unrivaled level of freedom and rhythm that is not found in organized tour packages. From the word go, I enjoyed your attentiveness to my needs. This gave me the feeling of not being in a commercial relationship."

Jérôme, August 2014

Your contact person is neither an agent nor a salesman, but a Kenya and Tanzania safari guide, tour consultant and expert based on the ground. The best way to enjoy a safari is to live this experience in private with a specialist safari guide. Safari means journey in Swahili, the language spoken in East Africa.

Indeed we propose a customized trip with extraordinary scenery through a pristine and spectacular nature, the discovery of its wild animals and a meeting with the man and their well preserved and rich culture.

We strive to focus away from mass tourism by taking our time and plan the itinerary along small sized accommodation structures combining comfort and charm, in harmony with the natural environment and local communities, located in the little known areas by tour operators thus limiting the impact of tourism on ecosystems that are increasingly vulnerable all along emphasizing authentic and natural observation.

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What are the guarantees and added values of a safari with Fred and his team?