Our safaris circuit in East Africa Learn more about the safaris that we organize

Since the time of early explorers, East Africa has aroused wonder and fascination among travelers. The grandeur and power of its nature, its incredible human and geographic diversity make it a must-see destination for an exceptional and unforgettable journey.

In a territory as vast as East Africa, distances often limit itineraries but thanks to our presence on the ground, we can build with you the ideal journey that is close to your heart. It is easy for us to customize a circuit especially for you according to a duration, a destination, and a precise budget.

We strive to limit the time of connection between the sites and the parks to half a day drive by car. However, there are some exceptions where distances are considerably longer. However, if the links seem long, we take into account the frequent stops and know that the landscapes are incredibly varied and changing, passing villages and different terrains for the authentic discovery of the country, moreover, we take our time when traveling. Some links are also possible by air, although they inevitably generate extra costs that we can study for you.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of safaris, sites and accommodations that we recommend.