Beach Destinations These are the beach destinations and properties of the Indian Ocean Coast that we recommend.


Renowned for its white sandy beaches, turquoise blue lagoons and wild mangroves, the southern coast of Mombasa is an ideal place to spend the dream holiday with family or friends.


Diani is immersed in original lush vegetation that features very old baobabs trees as well as frangipani, bougainvillea, hibiscus, coconut palm trees and mango trees ... Exotic gardens open up onto beautiful white sandy beaches. It is not uncommon to see monkeys having fun to the delight of children.

Many activities can be arranged from Diani: diving, fishing, dhow excursions in the islands and on the coral reef, visit of local villages.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach

Asha cottages, maison d'hôtes 3 étoiles

Asha cottages

Galu Sea Lodge, cottages 3 étoiles

Galu Sea Lodge

Kusini Cottages, cottages 3 étoiles

Kusini Cottages

Small boutique hotels :

  • Afrochic Retreat ***** (10 rooms).
  • The Sands at Nomad ***** (37 rooms).

Small Beach Properties tucked away from the masses :

  • Asha cottages ***, Guest House on the beach.
  • Diani Marine ***, rooms within a diving club.
  • Galu Sea Lodge ***, cottages on a private beach.
  • Kusini Cottages ***, cottages tucked away from Diani tourist hotels.
Kinondo, Msambweni et Shimoni

South of Diani, tucked away from mass tourism and on very beautiful fishermen beaches lined with wild mangroves.

The Sands at Chale, petite île de charme

The Sands at Chale

Cove Retreat, lodge 4 étoiles dans les baobabs

Cove Retreat

Gazi Retreat, camp 3 étoiles dans une palmeraie

Gazi Retreat

Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge, lodge 3 étoiles

Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge

Msambweni House, hôtel de style 5 étoiles

Msambweni House

Samawati House, villa 3 étoiles

Samawati House

  • The Sands at Chale ****, a small charming island located south of the Kinondo Forest
  • Cove Retreat ****, a lodge in form of bandas built in the baobab trees on a small private beach in Kinondo.
  • Gazi Retreat ***, a lost canvas camp in a palm grove overlooking a wild beach.
  • Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge ***, is a hideaway lodge in form of bandas located on a wild beach lined with mangroves and baobab trees.
  • Mwambweni House *****, a superb boutique hotel in Swahili style (Afro-Oriental).
  • Chingwede House ***, a simple villa tucked away from the tourist spots.
  • Samawati House ***, beautiful spacious villa on a fishermen's beach.

Lamu Island

Lost in the extreme north of the Kenyan coast and turned a blind eye on by tourist development, Lamu has been able to keep an authentic fragrance of frangipani ,cinnamon, cardamom ... Its inhabitants live always with the nonchalant rhythm of the dhows loaded with spices and rich in history.

  • Kijani House ***, a small boutique hotel in Shela village
  • Peponi Hôtel ****, a chic hotel in Shela village
  • Lamu House ****, former house in Lamu town transformed into a charming hotel
  • Kipungani Explorer ****, a luxury banda camp immersed in lush beach vegetation
  • Kizingo Lodge ****, a small banda lodge in the dunes situated in the south of the island
Ile de Lamu

Lamu Island


Zanzibar has a rich history dating back more than a thousand years and is the pearl of the Swahili civilization born from trade between the Orient and the African continent. Zanzibar features a luxuriant nature (its tropical plant species are among the richest of the Indian Ocean Coast) and its white sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast of Africa, bordered by a coral reef with marvellous marine depths with sumptuous fauna (turtles, dolphins, rays, whale sharks ...).

Zanzibar is also Stone Town, the City of the thousand and one nights, and the oldest districts date from the beginnings of the Arab and Persian colonization with its high facades of coral stone and heavy mango tree wooden doors. Its terraces feature views of splendid sunsets over the Indian Ocean ... At nightfall Stone Town lights up all the way to its quays and the oil lamps of the stalls light up to offer passers-by grilled seafood, juices and local handicrafts.

Charming Hotels in Stone Town :

  • 236 Hurumzi ***, a former home in the heart of Stone Town, transformed into a boutique hotel in authentic Swahili style.
  • Swahili House ***, a typical house of a rich Zanzibar trader of the 19th century in the middle Stone Town.
  • Salome's Garden ***, home of the 19th century Sultan in the middle of a lush garden.

Big Beach hotels :

  • Blue Bay ****, on the north-east coast of the island.
  • Breezes ****, on the south-east coast of the island.
  • Chumbe Island Lodge ****, is situated on a small island in the south of Zanzibar, in the middle of a small marine park.
  • Fumba Beach Lodge ***, tucked away in the south west of the coast.

Small Beach Properties tucked away from the masses :

  • Matemwe Retreat ****, a chic structure in the north coast close to the best diving sites.
  • Matemwe Beach Village ***, an excellent small hotel on the north coast near the best diving sites.
  • Pongwe Beach Hotel ***, excellent small beach hotel on the north-east coast.
  • Mchanga Beach Lodge ***, an excellent small beach hotel on the north-east coast.
  • Shooting Star Lodge ***, a small beach lodge on the north coast
  • Unguja Lodge ****, a chic lodge on the south west coast overlooking a small private beach
  • Karamba ***, is a small authentic hotel on the south coast, near the site where dolphins are frequently spotted
  • Fundu Lagoon****, a small charming structure on the island of Pemba on one of the most remote sites of the East African coast